Rehomer FAQ’s

Please refer to our REHOMER GUIDE for more information on rehoming.

  • What does my $75 fee cover?

    $75 is a one time fee (per dog). We continue to search for an adopter until you find the right home for your dog.
  • Can I charge an adoption fee for my dog?

    Yes. While we absolutely recommend that you charge a fair and reasonable fee, we stress the importance of the match over the price. Every How I Met My Dog adopter that expresses an interest in your dog has already paid $49 for our matching service.
  • Can I choose who adopts my dog?

    Yes. How I Met My Dog is the matching service that provides you with the best potential matches for your dog. We provide the matches, but you ultimately decide who adopts your dog.
  • My dog isn’t spayed/neutered. Do you recommend that I do this prior to listing my dog?

    Yes. Spaying/neutering your dog prior to rehoming increases the chances of matching your dog with the best new family.
  • My dog has a chronic medical condition. Can I still list him/her with How I Met My Dog?

    Yes. Our rehomer survey includes special needs. Be as open and as honest as possible when telling us about your dog. We want your dog to find his/her perfect match just as much as you do.
  • My dog has bitten a person. Can I still adopt him/her into a new home?

    No. We cannot accept dogs with a known history of biting a person.
  • My dog has bitten another dog. Can I still list him/her with How I Met My Dog?

    Yes. Our algorithm does take into account that some dogs do not socialize well with other dogs, but it can only do this if you share this information on your survey. For the sake of safety, as well as finding your dog the best new family, it is imperative that you are forthcoming about your dog’s behavior.
  • I found the dog as a stray and I would like to list him/her for adoption. What should I do?

    Each state has its own laws regarding strays. Please have the dog scanned for a microchip. This can be done at a shelter or veterinary clinic. Be sure to check with your town’s animal control officer and local shelters before putting any found dog up for adoption.
  • How will I know if an adopter is interested in my dog

    You will receive an email when an application has been submitted. In addition, your dashboard will always list any current applications for your dog. The envelope icon located in the top bar when you are logged in will indicate any new messages.
  • What if the adoption does not work out?

    How I Met My Dog makes the match — the terms of the adoption are totally up to you. We do advise adopters to allow for an adjustment period, telling them: “As with all relationships, the dynamics of behavior develop and change over time. The relationship with your dog is no exception. Allowing for an adjustment period for both you and the dog will facilitate the best outcome for a successful, long-term match.”
  • What is How I Met My Dog messaging?

    How I Met My Dog Messaging facilitates your direct communication with adopters.