Shelter FAQ’s

  • Is there a customer service representative assigned directly to our shelter?

    Yes. Every How I Met My Dog participating shelter has a customer service representative.
  • How often should our shelter/rescue organization load new dogs into our How I Met My Dog database?

    As often as is possible. As soon as a dog is loaded onto our database, our algorithm immediately begins to search for potential adopters.
  • How often should my shelter/rescue organization update our dogs in our How I Met My dog database?

    Keeping the information current in your How I Met My Dog database allows us to serve you better and make better matches for your dogs. Updating a dog’s profile or status is easy to manage from your dashboard.
  • Are photographs required?

    Yes. You must enter at least one photo in order to complete a dog’s profile.
  • How long will you keep an individual dogs in your database?

    Indefinitely. How I Met My Dog will continue to search for a match for each dog in our database until you remove them from the site.
  • Does How I Met My Dog assist shelters in matching special needs or difficult to place dogs?

    Yes. One of the goals of How I Met My Dog is to place challenging dogs in homes with experienced, willing adopters who have realistic expectations and want to provide the best home for these dogs. Our adopter survey and algorithm identifies these people.
  • Our organization doesn’t always know what the breeds of our dogs are. How does How I Met My Dog account for that?

    How I Met My Dog focuses on behavior and lifestyle, not breed. An adopter sees a breed description only after the match is made.
  • Does my organization have to pay for your matching service?

    No. Our matching service is free to shelters and rescue organizations.
  • How long does it take to load a dog onto the How I Met My Dog website?

    An individual dog’s survey takes approximately 6 minutes. For dogs that are in foster homes, there is a slightly longer survey.
  • How will I know when a dog at our shelter has a match?

    You will receive an email that links to your How I Met My Dog dashboard. From your dashboard, you can also see how many times that dog has been viewed by potential adopters as well as how many applications he/she has received from potential adopters.
  • What does an adopter see when matched with one of our dogs?

    To assist you in making the adoption process more efficient, How I Met My Dog adopters see a complete profile for each dog as well as your individual shelter policies.
  • Can I list a dog that has bitten a person?

    No. We cannot accept dogs with a known history of biting a person.
  • Can my shelter refer rehomers to your program?

    Yes. How I Met My Dog has a rehoming program that is designed to help lessen the number of owner-surrenders. We match these dogs to new families so they never have to enter the shelter system.
  • What is How I Met My Dog messaging?

    How I Met My Dog Messaging facilitates your direct communication with adopters.