How I Met My Dog

A Match Made to Last

Human companions are great, but have you ever been loved by a dog? Owning a dog can reduce anxiety, stress and help ease loneliness. Finding your canine companion may seem like a daunting task; How I Met My Dog makes it easy. With Valentines Day quickly approaching, have you met your match?

We make the right matches because we ask the right questions:

Our team of animal behaviorists, trainers and welfare experts have identified the most important components for successful human/dog relationships to find your How I Met My Dog ComPETibility Match. Our 56 question adopter survey digs deep to find out about your personality and lifestyle. Every dog is different and so is every person looking for a dog. That’s why How I Met My Dog asks the right questions about you and the dog. Here are a few:



The How I Met My Dog survey matches you based on 30 levels of human and dog compatibility. Our matches are rooted in science not marketing. Your P.E.T. profile + a dog’s P.E.T. profile = your ComPETibility Match.

Every time a match is made, we send you an email letting you know that there’s a new dog that wants to meet you. It looks like this:


While you’re looking for your dog, your dog is looking for you too. Our real-time, two-way search, begins the moment your profile enters the How I Met My Dog system and we will continue to match you with available dog’s until you let us know that you’ve found your canine soulmate.

Skip the madness of other online search platforms and get truly custom matched with How I Met My Dog.

One of a Kind

Every dog in our system has a custom profile that speaks directly to our algorithm. We never use keyword searches or data scraping to make our matches.

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