How I Met My Dog


comPETibility is what happens when you achieve a balanced relationship that works for you and your dog.

At How I Met My Dog we’re all about celebrating and enriching your relationship with your dog. Our custom matches are just the beginning.

Whether turning a game into a training session or a simple trick into an exercise in canine self-confidence, How I Met My Dog gives you the tools and the perspective to make your partnership the best it can be.

Easy DIY Dog Treat Recipes for the Holidays

Looking for something to give the dog person in your life? Or, maybe you’re looking for something to give your own dog for the holidays?...
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Trick or Treat: 3 Fall Inspired Dog Treat Recipes

With a season change in the air and the first official day of Autumn quickly approaching, pumpkin flavored everything is back on trend...
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Dieting the Dog Way

Often, we confuse overindulgence with love. A combination of too much food, too many treats and not enough exercise can cause our dogs to...
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Two Easy Things you Need to do Every Day When Feeding Your Dog

Our dogs are pack animals and they thrive on social structure. Many insecure or fearful dogs feel that way because they do not understand...
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Barking Good Baking: 3 of our favorite homemade dog treat recipes

Are you a DIY-er with a passion for your pets? ... SAME! Making home made dog biscuits is surprisingly easy and fun plus it’s a DIY...
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Unc(oil)ing the Truth About Natural Oils for our Pets

We all know the power of natural oils for humans, but what about our dogs? What are the benefits of incorporating oils into our dogs diet...
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10 Human Foods that Dogs Can and Cannot Eat

There are two types of people when it comes to feeding dogs table scraps: those who don't and those who do.  I fall into the latter...
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A Guide for Picking the Right Food for your Dog

When bringing a new dog into your world, one of the bigger decisions you’ll want to check off your list right away is what kind of dog...
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The “Look” of Love

Before You Teach Your Dog Anything Else — Teach Him/Her ‘Look’ We all know how difficult it can be when trying to get the...
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