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Cohabiting with our Canines During COVID-19

The world’s daily schedule is being rocked by COVID-19. You’re working from home, the kids are home from school and social distancing is in full swing. These big changes in our day to day personal life are big changes for our pets too! Read on for ideas about what to do with your dog during the Corona quarantine.


Turn your creative energy into a productive activity that will last for years to come and teach your dog some tricks! Whether it’s nailing the basics or getting fancy, teaching your dog new tricks takes consistency and time; two things the whole world is chock full of right now.

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Prince of fresh air

With spring weather upon us… go outside (While adhering to state mandated laws and practicing social distancing of course)! There’s no better time to take your dog for multiple aerobic walks a day. Outside outings are the perfect opportunity to boost endorphins, soak up some sunshine and tire yourself, your family and your dog out.

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Room for a breather

With the quarantine keeping us all home, pets around the world are rejoicing and our dogs are basking in all of this newfound 9-5 attention.

It’s easy to forget that this dramatic shift in our schedules is dramatic for our dogs too. Our pets are generally used to having plenty of alone time during work hours. Having everyone home all day can be a bit overwhelming for us and for them too. Remember to pay attention to your dog’s body language and give them a break if they ask for it. If your dog gets up and leaves the room, ask the kids not to follow him or her. If your dog is exhausted from playing outside, offer them a water break and some time to catch their breath.

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Making the most of this quarantine by spending quality time with our families and pets will help keep us happy and feeling fulfilled during these trying times. 

Want a tutorial on a specific trick? Email me at and I’ll publish a trick blog for you!

​Keep Calm and Carry On

Dogs are highly intuitive creatures that quickly pick up on the energy of their humans. If you want your dog to remain calm in stressful situations, remember to lead by example.

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