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Easy DIY Dog Treat Recipes for the Holidays

Looking for something to give the dog person in your life? Or, maybe you’re looking for something to give your own dog for the holidays? We’ve got you covered. Roll up your sleeves, get messy and make some healthy dog treats that look good and get 5 paw reviews! 


Our friends over at have their own canine chef and she comes up with some amazing, decorative DIY recipes. Click here to see some of her 2020 holiday dog treat recipes including applesauce and oatmeal treats, cranberry treats and coconut shortbread treats.

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This recipe from is different and fun! Just like humans, dogs like to try new textures and flavors too. These chicken Jello snacks are sure to be different than your average dog treat and they refrigerate well for a cool, easy to keep snack for your pup. The jello is also easy to chew making it a great snack for dog's with difficulty chewing or swallowing. 

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For a grain free, easy on the tummy option try these pumpkin and coconut dog treats. Full of healthy flavors and protein, you may just have the whole neighborhood barking at your door for more of these!

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Turn some music on, get baking and have some fun making delicious dog treats for your best four legged friend! 

In Moderation

When trying a new dog treat it's important to start with small amounts and give your dog's stomach some time to adjust. Feeding a small quantity of something new and waiting 12-24 hours before feeding more will allow your dog's GI tract time to adjust as well as giving you time to notice any negative side effects a new ingredient may have on your dog. 

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