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How Fostering Can Change Lives

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, fostering a pet is getting a lot of attention – and rightfully so. While fostering during this pandemic is extremely important, many shelters and rescues are in need of foster families every day, all year, every year. Fostering is not a short-term problem, it’s a long-term one. 

That’s why How I Met My Dog is using the same proprietary matching technology that helps dogs find their forever homes, to help match dogs in need of temporary, foster homes.

And while our foster initiative will provide much-needed, immediate assistance to shelters during the COVID-19 crisis, we’d like to take it one step further. 


Foster for Freedom™

At How I Met My Dog, we have created Foster For Freedom to help members of the military find temporary homes for their dogs while they are deployed around the country and overseas.

Too often, if a deployed service person cannot find someone to care for their dog before they leave, they are left with no choice but to surrender their pet to a shelter, with little chance of ever seeing them again once their deployment is over. No member of our active duty military should ever have to scramble for temporary pet care resources or be forced to surrender their pet to a shelter.

Through our Foster For Freedom program, awesome people like you can help make sure our service men and women can come home to their dogs.

Here’s how it works: How I Met My Dog will use our matching technology to match Foster For Freedom families with a deployed soldier’s dog. Using our proprietary matching algorithm, we can custom match foster families with these dogs based on lifestyle and behavior -- so you and the dog you’re fostering are a good fit for each other. 

If Foster For Freedom sounds like something you might like to be part of, take our quick lifestyle and behavior survey(click here). Together we can make a big difference to soldiers and their dogs.

And right now, consider fostering (or adopting) a dog during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond by signing up to become an Adopter/Foster at

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