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Must Have Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Still struggling to cross off the last few names on your holiday list? You’re not the only one! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite gifts for dog lovers with links to purchase them just in time for Christmas morning.

Give the Gift of Freedom

Taking care of our pets is a passion. We love them endlessly and always want them to be happy. Just like babies, pets require a lot of attention, time and energy. If you know someone who needs a little break from it all, gift them a dog sitter or walker from! Rover hires qualified walkers and sitters who complete a background check as part of their application.

Users can search their local area for walkers or sitters who are willing to do a variety of tasks including picking dog(s) up from your home and walking them, taking dog(s) to their own home to pet sit for days or weeks at a time or visiting your home to check on your dog(s) when you’re not home. Some of the walkers and sitters are even qualified to give IV or pill medications to your pet(s). Click anywhere in this article that says “Rover” to receive $30 off of a first walk or sitter session.

For this holiday season, giving the gift of a sitter or walker can free up your friends and loved ones to take a much-needed vacation without worrying about their four legged children!

Matchy Matchy

Know someone who loves their pets and also loves to match outfits? Gift them a matching dog collar and belt or bracelet from the Kenyan Collection! The Kenyan Collection is a company that employs and empowers Massai women from Kenya who bead unique, gorgeous pieces for humans and pets. The Kenyan Collection offers a way to get African products on the market in a sustainable and fair way.

The collars, leashes, belts and bracelets are unique, beautiful and charitable. Check out their products on The Kenyan Connection Website. You should probably snag one for yourself and your pet too, the patterns are addicting to collect and always stand out! The pet lover on your list is sure to be impressed.

Entertainment for Hours

Know someone who needs a break from their overactive pet? Try gifting them a toy or bone that will keep their pet entertained for hours.

We love full, naturally shed antlers. These antlers are naturally shed from elk and deer and dogs LOVE to chew them. They are available in a variety of sizes, give off little to no smell and are much harder than animal bones which reduces the risk of them splintering or breaking. We always suggest you still keep an eye on any dog bone or toy to make sure pets aren’t ingesting any harmful pieces that they may have chewed off of the whole toy. There are no sweeteners or harmful ingredients in these bones, just 100% naturally shed antler. Click here to purchase some in time for the holidays.

If you’re not into antlers, or you want to get two gifts for that pet lover on your list, try a treat-dispensing toy. These toys are perfect for dogs that love a challenge. Stuff these with your favorite treat and leave your dog to his or her own devices for hours. Click here to get one of our favorites delivered in time for Christmas.

Want to explore more toy options? Check out our blog post Top 10 Must Have Dog Toys.

Puppy Cam

Is there someone on your list who can’t relax unless they know their dog is safe and sound? There’s some pet tech for that!

Check out the Furbo cam. It’s the latest craze. It allows pet parents to keep an eye on their pets while they’re out. You can talk to your pet, watch them hang out and even toss them a treat from the automatic treat dispenser that’s built into the camera.  You can take photos and videos of your pet and you also get barking notifications every time your pet barks so you can check in and make sure everything is still in order. Bonus: it’s a reasonable price! Click here to order it with Amazon Prime and get 2 day shipping.

Looking to explore more pet tech gifts… We’ve got a blog post for that: What’s New in Pet Tech?

Any of the gifts on this list are sure to please even the pickiest pet lover. Hurry up and order something to receive it in time for your holiday celebrations! 

Resist the Urge

As tempting as it might be, a puppy is not a good gift. Puppies and Dogs are a lot of work and require full participation by all family members. The Holidays are a busy time for dog shelters, many dogs that were given as gifts during the holiday season end up in shelters soon after. 

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