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Rehoming The Right Way

Making the decision to rehome your dog is a difficult one. Sometimes life presents situations that require us to make heart-wrenching choices. If one of those choices is that you have to rehome your dog(s), you’re not alone. An estimated 500,000+ dogs need to be rehomed in the U.S. each year. That staggering number is fueled by various circumstantial and/or behavioral situations.

It’s About Time

At How I Met My Dog we know when it comes to finding your dog a new home, your safe choices are limited. That’s why we created our rehoming platform. We know your canine companion deserves the best new home so we give you the assurance that your dog’s new family will love your dog for who he (or she) really is.

No one knows your dog better than you do. That’s why our in-depth rehoming survey asks about your dog’s behavior, individual needs, likes, dislikes, and quirks, too. Every potential adopter on our site also fills out a behavior and lifestyle survey so you know that every adopter that matches with your dog is a custom match.

It’s Easy

All you need to do is visit our website and register as a rehomer (it’s free!). Follow the steps to fill out your dog’s personality survey and upload photos to create their own P.E.T. Profile. As soon as you submit your dog’s profile, How I Met My Dog starts searching for adopters who are all excellent matches for your dog.

It’s Safe

Communicating with potential adopters through the How I Met My Dog website allows you to decide when it’s time for prospective pet parents to meet your dog. When it comes to finding your dog a new home, rehome the right way with How I Met My Dog and be sure that your dog finds a great new home. 

Are you still trying to work through behavioral issues that may be causing you to consider rehoming your dog? Check out the rest of our blog. With articles like S#*! Happens: 3 Tips for Housebreaking your Dog, Knock-knock, bark-bark: How to Keep your Dog Calm when Visitors Arrive and Training Your Dog to Walk on a Leash: Tips and Benefits, we may be able to help you overcome training trouble and help you get the best out of your relationship with your dog.

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Locked Up

Many dogs experience C-PTSD (Canine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in shelter environments. Constant barking, limited human contact and not enough exercise can cause a dogs behavior and mood to rapidly deteriorate. 

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