How I Met My Dog

Trusting Tech

So you hear about a cool new website that matches people and rescue dogs using a survey and an algorithm *wink* *wink* How I Met My Dog! But how do you trust technology to match you with an animal? Is an algorithm supposed to manufacture chemistry and a connection between you and a dog? No way! 

Backed by science and created by both human and animal professionals, How I Met My Dog’s survey finds dogs that fit your lifestyle and personality. Next, a meet and greet will help you decide for yourself if the connection is real. Still not convinced by the tech? Let us tell you more.

The Survey

Our 56-question survey is designed to be answered honestly and easily. We ask you questions like “would you rather plan a party or attend one?” and “would you rather take a walk or read a book?” Questions like these feed the algorithm and help determine what kind of pet parent you are by creating a unique P.E.T. Profile for your Personality, Expectations and Training Style.

Your P.E.T. Profile will look something like this, but with your own personalized ratings. 


The Match

In order for a shelter, rescue or rehomer to load their dog onto the How I Met My Dog site, they must answer a survey about each individual dog. Just like the human survey, the dog survey is designed to get to the root of the dog’s personality. Once the survey is complete, each dog gets a P.E.T. Profile too. 


The Process

Based on the collective knowledge and experience of our team of leading animal behaviorists, trainers, and animal welfare experts, How I Met My Dog has identified the most important components for successful human/dog relationships.

By using your unique P.E.T. Profile + a dog’s individual P.E.T. Profile How I Met My Dog can make a truly custom match that goes beyond keyword searches or breed lookups. Once a match is made, you will receive an email like this:


Next, you can review that dog’s P.E.T. Profile, age, size, potential breed, bonuses and things to consider before deciding if you’d like to take the next step and apply to adopt that dog. Most shelters, rescues and rehomers will require a meet and greet where you and the dog can decide if there’s chemistry! 

It's 2019, we trust tech for everything in our every day lives, so why not trust tech to find us the perfect new dog? At How I Met My Dog we utilize the coolest and most powerful new technology to make truly custom matches based on personality, expectations and training style and then let you make the final call before choosing to adopt. Trust the tech and find your canine soulmate today. 

Rehomer? What's that?

Every year, more than 500,000 dogs need to be rehomed by their families. With How I Met My Dog, these families can match the dogs they love to the right new families instead of posting them on Craigslist or other public bulletin boards.

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