How I Met My Dog

Bruce and Shelly

Dog: Bruce
Adopter: Shelly
Location: Calverton, NY
Adopted From: Kent Animal Shelter

Meet Bruce, a How I Met My Dog Success Story!

"These past few weeks have been so amazing with him. We are still learning each other's habits and personalities, but bonded immediately. It helps that he is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known!

Your website was recommended to me by a friend who also rescued from your site as well and had nothing but great success.

When I began searching for a dog, I knew I wanted a Shepherd/Chow mix as I had one in the past, and it was an amazing dog. I did not even care if it took months to find my "perfect doggie match," I was willing to wait. I did receive quite a few matches and some seemed absolutely amazing, but I did not feel they were for me. Bruce's match to me came when I was finishing up a work day and with coworkers at my desk I said "you need to stop talking to me because I have to fill out the application for my dog!"

When I opened Bruce's photo, my heart actually skipped a beat and I knew I was looking at my new furry best friend. Even the name, Bruce has a special place in my heart as I had an uncle with that name. We never met as he passed away before I was born, but I was always told I am just like him with my sense of adventure.

With Bruce being in NY, it was a bit of a challenge since it is not local. I happened to be taking a vacation to TN the following week and to get there, the trip would take us into NY. My boyfriend knew this meant a lot to me, so we drove 3 hours out of our way to meet Bruce. He barked once upon us entering his kennel, but then proceeded to roll over for us to rub his belly. He was as sweet as I had hoped!

My application for adoption at Kent Animal Shelter was approved while I was in TN, so I arranged to pick him up on the way home. He loved riding in the back of the car and watching the NY traffic go by.

We have been inseparable ever since and our favorite times are hiking and running through the local state forest. Wow, can this dog run! I love to tire him out with an end of day run and have him snuggle up in bed next to me at night. Bruce has definitely found his fur-ever home!

Thank you for your site and I will definitely recommend you!"


Love and Licks to Bruce and his new family and a big shout out to Kent Animal Shelter for partnering with How I Met My Dog to help find Bruce his ComPETible match!