How I Met My Dog

Camel and Anna and Christy

Dog: Camel
Adopter: Anna and Christy
Location: SC
Adopted From: SPCA Albrecht

Diamond is now Camel (yes like the animal) and we couldn’t love her more! She is the PERFECT match for us and she is loving her new home by the beach :) She has two moms, me (Anna) and Christy. She goes to the beach every weekend and is learning to enjoy the ocean! She LOVES other dogs and people. She will be 4 months old on the 15th and is almost all the way potty trained! She mastered the commands of, “sit” and “shake” in less than a week. She is the perfect amount of playful and cuddly and is always keeping us entertained with her silly quirks. Thanks so much to everyone at How I Met My Dog for bringing our beautiful baby girl into our world :)

-Love and licks to Camel and her new moms!