How I Met My Dog

Cece and Marinela and Martina

Dog: Cece
Adopter: Marinela and Martina
Location: CT
Adopted From: Tails of Courage

“A little over two years ago now, we were in a very different situation as we were making the very difficult decision in putting our beloved Fido (pronounced Feed-oh, he's European) to sleep. Fido was with us for an amazing 16 fun and love filled years and to find and let another doggy into our home and hearts was going to be very challenging as Fido was our first pet and we loved him dearly.

My younger sister Martina always needing a dog in her life, if she could I'm sure she'd have a thousand dogs running around with her on a farm somewhere, started to look around for a new buddy. After a few close finds she just didn't feel what she had felt when she first met Fido and was a bit disappointed as reality was sinking in that there will probably not be another pup like her first and only dog.

I saw first-hand how heartbreaking it was each time Martina came back empty handed. So I legitimately just googled "how can I meet a dog" and up popped HIMMD. It seemed like a sort of online dating site but to match you with pets.

After a few follow ups with some matches we just hadn't really connected with any pups and were feeling maybe it's just not our time yet and just as we were about to give up, up popped a match for Cece!

At first glance I was sold! I had a hunch about this cute little nugget. Martina was a bit hesitant, but shh I didn't tell you that. I will tell you that hesitation INSTANTLY melted upon meeting Cece in person on a Saturday afternoon. We knew she was ours.

We welcomed Cece into our hearts and our home and it's been like some sort of life has been instilled back in us all. Cece is the biggest bundle of joy (and speed) you'll ever meet. She loves her bully sticks, chasing each and every leaf floating around the wind outside and cuddles. She is the sweetest little pup with a very big personality. We love her so much.

I would recommend filling out the application to HIMMD as it takes the guess work out of what kind of dog will be a good fit with you. It's a win win.

I would really like to thank HIMMD and Tails of Courage for connecting us with Cece!”

-Martina and Marinela

Love and licks to Cece and her new moms!