How I Met My Dog

Flex and Maria G.

Dog: Flex
Adopter: Maria G.
Location: NH
Adopted From: Rehomer

Flex's new mom says,

"Well it all began in March when I lost my Cairn Terrier Duncan unexpectedly after surgery… Heartbroken and crushed I would go online and look at dogs and puppies… Your website was the first when I decided to seriously start looking for my new forever friend. I like the fact that you had a questionnaire about what I wanted in a dog and I also like the fact that when I had a match, it would appear right in front of me on my screen.

When Flex showed up on my computer screen I was excited from the beginning... He is now my new forever friend and I couldn’t be happier. I love him so much… He is a perfect match for me which proves your website does a great job.

I call him Flexi boy."

Love and licks to Flex and his new mom!