How I Met My Dog

Molly aka Jada and Sara S

Dog: Molly aka Jada
Adopter: Sara S
Location: Hopkinton, MA
Adopted From: Brown Dog Coalition

“My experience with How I Met My Dog was really wonderful. I have told a lot of people about this service and how happy I am that I used it because there is no way I would of found my wonderful Molly (aka Jada) without you guys.

I really had gone on and off searching for a new best friend for probably about a year and seriously for 6 months. I had lost my wonderful black lab Penny two years ago and always felt a huge hole in my life and heart. The process of trying to find just the right dog is daunting though. I found How I Met My Dog and thought it was an interesting idea like a dating site for finding a dog so I signed up quick and answered the questions pertaining to what I was looking for in a new best buddy.

Truthfully I had kind of just let the emails come through periodically looking if something sparked my attention. This went on until one day a new notification saying there's a dog I may be interested in. I was smitten. She was a beautiful black dog with just the sweetest face. I knew I had to reach out and try to meet her. I submitted an application through the website and was contacted by the rescue very quickly who asked for further information. I completed all the steps and was approved to meet her.

The second I met her I knew she was perfect. Everything I had hoped for. She has the sweetest most wonderful demeanor and I'm so in love with my girl. I would not have found her if it wasn't for you guys. She has become my best friend, my running partner, adventure buddy, and the ultimate snuggler making it hard to get out of bed on these cold New England mornings. She's made friends with everyone at all our usual stomping grounds including the gym, the local bike shop, on the hiking trails and at local races. She's either with me or everyone is asking me how she is. How I Met My Dog and The Brown Dog Coalition connected me with everything I needed to mend my heart and be happy in life in a 40 pound little package of fur and I'm so grateful.



Sara S and Molly”