How I Met My Dog

Poppy and Brian, Andy, Timmy, Lizzie, Joey

Dog: Poppy
Adopter: Brian, Andy, Timmy, Lizzie, Joey
Location: CT
Adopted From: Garden Rescues

"I had begun thinking about getting another dog a couple months back and wasn’t sure where to start. I decided to Google something about finding the right dog in need of a good home. We already had a 6 1/2 year old yellow lab named Sweetie that we adore. But as the kids are getting older we decided that we had more love to share. When I did some searching I discovered How I Met My Dog. What a pleasant surprise to discover a site that did a survey of my household dynamics, desires, and preferences. I thought it was interesting and sensible to match a dog to a family like this, so I filled out a profile. I was able to see some dogs that were strong matches right away, but had not seen the right one yet. So I waited to see new matches as they came available. It only took a few weeks before Poppy was determined to be a strong match. I was intrigued. My 4 kids were as well. I decided to send in my online application and I heard back within a day or so. After checking my references we were asked if we’d like to take the next step....meeting Poppy. We decided that we would. We drove down to the rescue shelter on that Sunday with our dog Sweetie. The dogs quickly decided that they got along and my kids and I immediately fell in love with Poppy. We adopted her that day and brought her home. It only took a couple days for Poppy to get comfortable and eat, hike, play, and wag her tail like the happy wonderful girl that she is! We could not be happier or more content with Poppy and the process that we used to find her. She loves our hikes in the forest and her new found favor with my kids and myself."