How I Met My Dog

Savannah and Carolyn and Christian

Dog: Savannah
Adopter: Carolyn and Christian
Location: CT
Adopted From: Garden Rescues

"After losing our little love, Lydia, our Shepherd mix, back in April after 13 wonderful years we thought we would be heart broken forever. The quiet seemed to get louder with each day and the hole that was in our hearts seemed to grow as well. So I decided after 4 months that we needed a new friend to love.

I started looking at designer dogs through breeders but Lydia was a rescue and it just felt wrong to go that route. I started looking at different rescues on line and came across How I Met My Dog. I loved the quiz they give you to match you up with a wonderful dog to suit you and your life. It only took a few hours to start receiving pictures and stories about the dogs that were available. A few weeks later we received a picture of this beautiful girl in need of a home. There was just something about her face – we could just see how smart and loving she was. I think the turn around time from receiving the email from How I Met My Dog and the time it took me to hit the “send” button on my application was about 10 seconds!  3 days later we drove to Connecticut to meet her. It was truly love at first sight.

Wonderful people up at the Garden Paws Rescue in Stamford, and wonderful facilities.  It’s such a smart and caring way of pairing these wonderful dogs with ‘furever’ homes. By the way – as I’m writing this Savannah is sitting at my feet chewing on her toy and then tossing it straight up in the air to catch it.   Everyday she grows more comfortable and secure.  We’re still working on her pouncing on us first thing in the morning but there’s really no better way to start the day then with an arm full of love and face full of doggy kisses.

Thank you so much for helping us find our new love. We’re so excited to learn all the new lessons in love she has to teach us!

All the best, 

Carolyn and Christian"