How I Met My Dog



  • Why can’t I choose my dog by breed?

    At How I Met My Dog, our matching system considers behavior and lifestyle, over breed. Once we have made your matches, you can view a dog’s profile, which includes that dog’s breed(s).

  • How long will the survey take?

    The survey takes about 20 minutes to fill out. We encourage you to take time to thoughtfully answer each question. After all, this is designed to help you find a new family member and we take it just as seriously as you do.

  • How long should it take to find my dog?

    At How I Met My Dog our goal is to find you the perfect match. Just like searching for a human partner, it could be love at first sight or it may take some time. Don’t be discouraged! How I Met My Dog will stick with you until we find your canine soulmate.

  • How will I know when I have a new match?

    Every time we find a match, you will receive an email with a link to your dashboard. That’s where you can access the profiles of your new matches.

  • How does the How I Met My Dog Common Application work?

    How I Met My Dog populates your Common Application directly from your completed adopter survey. In addition, you will need to answer a few remaining questions (e.g., references), and you only need to do this once. Please note that when you submit a Common Application for a dog being rehomed, your phone number, email address, and town or city will be visible. Your street address will be hidden. A shelter or rescue organization will see all your contact information, including your full home address.

  • How do I know a shelter will accept my Common Applications?

    All of our shelter partners have agreed to use our Common Application designed to streamline your adoption experience. They might also ask additional questions relevant to their decision-making process, but with your How I Met My Dog Common Application there’s no need start from scratch.

  • How many dogs can I apply for at one time?

    You can have as many as five active applications at one time.

  • If I save a dog to my favorites, does that mean I’ve applied for that dog?

    No. Your application has not been sent until you click “submit my application.” You can find the “submit my application” button directly under each dog’s photo on your dashboard.

  • What criteria am I able to change on my search parameters?

    You are able to change the following matching criteria on your dashboard: sex, age, and size. Being flexible on age, sex, and size widens your search parameters and increases the chances of finding your best matches.

  • What does rehomed dog mean?

    Rehomed dogs are dogs that are currently living with their families but, for countless reasons (e.g., illness in the family, relocation, etc.), need to find a new home. How I Met My Dog matches these dogs with new families, eliminating the need to enter the shelter system.

  • After I submit my Common Application, what happens next?

    Every shelter, rescue, and rehomer has its own adoption procedure. You will see that information on each individual dog’s profile page.

  • If I apply for a dog through How I Met My Dog, does that mean I am guaranteed that dog?

    Our participating rescue partners work with us because they too believe in the importance of our matching algorithm. We do the match, they do the adoption. Ultimately, many people may be applying to adopt one dog, and the final decision is up to the shelter, rescue or rehomer that is caring for that dog.

  • How do I know the information about my matches is accurate?

    We base our matches on detailed surveys filled out by shelters, rescues, and rehomers. Each question that we ask is designed to reveal key behavior and lifestyle factors. We encourage honesty because we make it clear that there are no right or wrong answers in completing a dog’s survey.

  • How does How I Met My Dog help shelters and rescues?

    Our mission is to help all dogs find homes where they will thrive. How I Met My Dog never charges a fee to shelters or rescues for our matching service. We have designed our Common Application to reduce their paperwork, giving them more time to care for their dogs. Our follow-up data, provides valuable feedback not available elsewhere.

  • I adopted one of my matches and his/her behavior is not what I expected. What should I do?

    As with all relationships, the dynamics of behavior develop and change over time. The relationship with your dog is no exception. Keep in mind that your new dog is entering a new and unfamiliar environment. Allowing for an adjustment period for both you and the dog will facilitate the best outcome for a successful, long-term match. Each rescue facility and rehomer has their own policy in the event the relationship does not work out. Please ask what that policy is before adopting your dog.

  • Do you guarantee that I will be happy if I adopt a dog that you match me with?

    By custom matching you with a dog based on behavior and lifestyle, How I Met My Dog increases the chances that your relationship will be successful, but because of the dynamic nature of any relationship we cannot guarantee that success.

  • What is the difference between a shelter, a rescue, a foster, and a rehomer?

    Rescue: A rescue is a non-profit organization, funded by donations, and often run by volunteers. Rescues usually do not have a physical facility to house their dogs. Their dogs are housed in a network of foster homes.

    Shelter: A shelter is a brick and mortar facility, run by either a municipality or a non-profit organization. These dogs are usually housed in a kennel type environment.

    Rehomer: An individual or family that need to find a new home for their dog.

  • What is How I Met My Dog messaging?

    How I Met My Dog Messaging facilitates your direct communication with rehomers and shelters.