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comPETibility matters™

comPETibility is what happens when you achieve a balanced relationship that works for you and your dog.

At How I Met My Dog we’re all about celebrating and enriching your relationship with your dog. Our custom matches are just the beginning.

Whether turning a game into a training session or a simple trick into an exercise in canine self-confidence, How I Met My Dog gives you the tools and the perspective to make your partnership the best it can be.

Unc(oil)ing the Truth About Natural Oils for our Pets

We all know the power of natural oils for humans, but what about our dogs? What are the benefits of incorporating oils into our dogs diet...
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The Truth About Harnesses

For dogs that pull and even those that don’t, using a harness can be a safe alternative to a collar. Finding a harness that fits...
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Groomed for Success: Top 5 Grooming Tools and Tips

Bathing, brushing and trimming your dog can be a hassle, but it doesn’t need to be! Check out these tools, products and tips to make...
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Is Drool Cool?

The first step to understanding the ooey gooey drool that drips from our dog’s lips is breed. Here at How I Met My Dog, we hate to...
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3 Easy Indoor Games that Become Impressive Outdoor Tricks

Maybe it’s a snowy or rainy day and you’re stuck indoors, or you’re working from home, or your car is in the shop. Whatever the...
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Must Have Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Still struggling to cross off the last few names on your holiday list? You’re not the only one! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite...
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10 Dog Breeds and What They Were Originally Bred To Do

Portuguese Water Dog I thought this would be a perfect place to start our list. The Portuguese Water Dog is a fascinating breed...
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What's New in Pet Tech?

The past few years have seen a radical increase in pet technology, and while some of it may be viewed as silly or unnecessary, the vast...
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10 Human Foods that Dogs Can and Cannot Eat

There are two types of people when it comes to feeding dogs table scraps: those with self-control, and those with none. I fall into the...
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Training Your Dog to Walk on a Leash: Tips and Benefits

Leash training may seem like a daunting process, so we’ve narrowed the training down into some simple tips that will have your dog...
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5 Household Products That Are Unsafe for Dogs + Their Safe Alternatives

As dog owners, protecting our pooches is our most important responsibility. Sometimes though, even the most loyal and loving dog owner may...
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7 Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

Everyone loves puppies. I get it. I love puppies, you love puppies, your best friend just got a new puppy, and you're beside yourself with...
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