Don’t just adopt a dog, adopt your dog.

Every dog is different and so is every person looking to adopt a dog. With so many dogs out there, how can you be sure the dog you’re bringing home is the right match for you?

How I Met My Dog not only matches you with a dog you will fall in love with, we match you with a dog you can truly live with—based on behavior and lifestyle, not breed. And we streamline the application paperwork, too.

We make better matches because we ask the right questions.

Based on the collective knowledge and experience of our team of leading animal behaviorists, trainers, and animal welfare experts, How I Met My Dog™ has identified the most important components for successful human/dog relationships.

We not only ask all the right questions about adopters, we also ask the right questions about each individual dog up for adoption—something keyword matches do not do. That enables our algorithm to recognize great matches, and eliminate those that may be problematic—dramatically increasing the odds that the dog you’re bringing home is your canine soulmate.

A one-time fee for a priceless relationship.

Every dog you see will be a custom match to your profile. And, like a dog with a bone, How I Met My Dog sticks with you until you adopt your dog and beyond—with customized training and expert reviews on products that work.

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$49 To Find Your Perfect Match


How I Met My Dog digs deeper. Using the three key factors of Personality, Expectations, and Training Style, our proprietary P.E.T. Profile™ filters for more than 30 levels of human and dog compatibility. Why so many filters? Because relationships are complex and the one with your furriest family member is no exception.

Personality: We match you with the dog whose disposition and sociability level is the yin to your yang.

Expectations: A constant companion, a playmate for the kids, an independent soul—we will find the canine family member you're really looking for.

Training Style: We pair your personal teaching style with an individual dog's style of learning.

Your P.E.T. Profile + a dog’s P.E.T. Profile = your comPETibility match. This is where our expertise meets your hopes and needs. We show you only those dogs you can live with so you can feel free to fall in love.

Great dogs from trusted rescue partners and private families, too!

In addition to matching you with wonderful shelter dogs, we include dogs that need to be rehomed by private families. These are dogs you won’t see elsewhere and are often looking for homes because of a family move or lifestyle change.

Boy Petting His Newly Adopted Dog

Real time, two-way search.

While you are looking for your dog, your dog is looking for you too. When a dog’s profile is entered, our system immediately begins searching for the right human—increasing the odds that you and your dog will find each other.

Two-way Search

No more filling out a separate application for each shelter.

When you fall in love with a match, just hit send and your Common Application is on its way. Here’s how it works:

You’ve Got Matches
Review Your Matches
Review Your Matches and Select Your Favorites
Apply to Shelters
and Rehomers
Apply For Up To 5 Dogs At A Time
Apply for Up to Five
Dogs at One Time
Meet the Dog
Meeting The Dog
Interview with
Shelter or Rehomer
Finalize Adoption
Adopting Your Perfect Dog
Pay Adoption Fee Directly
to Shelter or Rehomer

Customized training once you’ve found your dog.

Okay, so you’ve brought home your dog—now what? Like all new relationships, there’s an adjustment period. No worries, you’ve got How I Met My Dog to guide you through it. Because we know that every dog is different and so is every person, we will give you a training plan that’s geared to both you and your dog’s P.E.T. Profile™. Training will be available after our Launch Period.

Let’s get started, your dog is waiting.

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