Don’t just find your dog a new home,
find your dog the right new home.

The decision to rehome your dog is heart-wrenching enough. Now the process doesn’t have to be so stressful and uncertain.

How I Met My Dog will search for the best match for your dog. We give you the assurance that your dog’s new family will love your dog for who he or she really is.

We find the right home because we ask the right questions.

No one knows your dog better than you do. That’s why our in-depth rehoming survey asks so many questions about your dog’s behavior, personality, needs, likes, dislikes–and yes–quirks, too.

And you’re not the only one answering questions. We also ask a lot of every potential adopter. Every How I Met My Dog™ match is a custom match so that your dog’s new home can be his (or her) forever home.

In-depth Survey To Match Your Dog


How I Met My Dog digs deeper. Using the three key factors of Personality, Expectations, and Trainability, our proprietary P.E.T. Profile™ filters for more than 30 levels of human and dog compatibility. Why so many filters? Because relationships are complex and the one with your furriest family member is no exception.

No more waiting for adopters to find you.

With How I Met My Dog, you no longer have to rely on online ads or desperate networking when rehoming a dog. As soon as you enter your dog’s profile, our system instantly begins searching for the best new home for your dog. Every time a match is found, we send that adopter’s application directly to you—and we continue to do this until your dog is in his (or her) new home.

Communicating through the How I Met My Dog website protects your personal information and allows you to decide when it’s time for prospective pet parents to meet you and your dog.

Rehoming Your Dog

Our fee structure is designed to give you the level of assurance you’re looking for.

Like you, our adopters have paid for our matching service. This not only gives you the confidence that How I Met My Dog adopters are serious about the responsibility of adopting, it confirms that they, too, believe behavior and lifestyle are key to finding the right dog.

$75 to Rehome Your Dog

Your dog’s forever home is out there.