What makes How I Met My Dog a great partner for shelters and rescue organizations?

Our mission is to help all dogs find homes where they will thrive. How I Met My Dog actively searches for committed adopters who best fit each of your dog's needs. We view every dog as an individual not a breed.

Our matches are rooted in science not marketing.

How I Met My Dog™ has identified the critical components of successful human/dog relationships, working in partnership with animal behavior experts, professional dog trainers, veterinarians, and animal welfare professionals. Based on our proprietary P.E.T. Profile™ (Personality, Expectations and Training Style), our algorithm filters for more than 30 levels of human and dog compatibility.

Your Competibility

We bring you adopters who are committed to finding the right dog.

When you receive a How I Met My Dog application, you know you are dealing with a candidate who has been custom matched with one of your dogs. Adopters pay a fee for our service, but matching is always free for shelters and rescue organizations.

No more waiting for adopters to find you.

You no longer have to rely on potential adopters sorting through thousands of online descriptions. As soon as you enter your dog’s profile in our system, How I Met My Dog is off and running and instantly notifies adopters every time a match is found.

We Find The Perfect Match For Your Dog

We know that time is your most precious commodity.

We’ve designed our system around you. No more lengthy descriptive paragraphs. Just fill out our multiple-choice survey and our system creates a concise profile and immediately begins searching for the ideal match. We’ve also developed a Common Application to help you streamline paperwork. You’ll see only adopters who match your dogs and your shelter criteria.

Fill Out Our Survey To Adopt Your Perfect Dog

We make the matches. You decide who adopts your dogs.

Every prospective How I Met My Dog adopter comes with a completed adoption application. We make matches based on what both you and prospective adopters have told us; the interviewing and final adoption approval are done by you, according to your own standards and policies.

Our rehoming program helps you avoid overcrowding.

Every year, more than 500,000 families need to find new homes for their dogs. How I Met My Dog helps them find the best match so that these dogs don’t end up in shelters, putting additional strain on you.

Dog Rehoming Program

How I Met My Dog gives you the follow-up data you’ve always wanted.

We know that your concern for your dogs doesn’t end with an adoption. We will follow every How I Met My Dog adoption for one year and share that critical data with you.